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Side Hustle

Tetra Pak

My contribution for a sustainable transition in the milk industry. Every year, households in Sweden throw away around 15 kilos of edible food per person. In addition to this, around 18 kilos of food and drink are also poured into the sink, with dairy products playing one of the main roles. 

One of the biggest reasons for that is that we often throw away the package as soon as the date has passed, when it often lasts a little longer.


If only there was a way to let the milk tell you when it's old?

By putting a piece of litmus paper in the package that reacts to the milk's pH value, you can easily see the color when it has become acidic.

When the milk is fresh, it has a basic pH value that colors the paper blue. After that, the color of the paper changes after the milk sours. When the paper shows red, the milk is sour and time to throw it away.

Regardless of milk, "pjolk" or oats, the box reacts to the milk's pH value and tells you when it starts to go bad.

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